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Abundance Baby Quilt - Orange Sparrow

Abundance Baby Quilt - Orange Sparrow

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This limited edition, handmade, heirloom-quality baby quilt was created with Ankara fabric sourced from a woman-owned business in Accra, Ghana. Abundance, the first design in this series was designed by Tatyana Ali and handmade by woman-owned businesses in California and Texas. Because they are handmade, no two quilts are exactly alikeā€”just like the needs of our precious families.

100% of the profits will go to Black and Indigenous midwives and doulas uniquely positioned to give us the maternal health care we need.

The bottom of each quilt is labeled with the collection name and series number. i.eĀ ļ»æAbundance 1 of 50

Size: approx 39" x 32"

100% Cotton and Cotton BattingĀ 

Machine wash, gentle.

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